What we do


We assist our clients and the authorities to make sound decisions about environmental issues and impacts.

Scientific and technical expertise
Rigorous and inclusive participation
Solid legislative and policy understanding

Core services

Environmental screening and feasibility
Due diligence and risk assessment, to identify constraints, legal requirements, and time and budget implications
Public participation and consultation
Facilitating rigorous and inclusive consultation of stakeholders and the interested public, to meet the different needs of decision makers, interest groups, and affected parties
Policy and strategy
We provide expert environmental inputs to planning and policy frameworks, to guide future sustainable development priorities.
Environmental impact assessment and approvals
Applications and assessment processes for all forms of environmental authorisation, including Scoping EIA, Basic Assessment, Water Use Licensing, and permitting.
Rehabilitation and management planning
Infinity leads teams of subject experts to prepare specialised management and remediation plans, including estuarine management plans, wetland rehabilitation plans, and protected area and wildfire management plans.
Monitoring and audit
From project planning and construction through to decommissioning and rehabilitation, Infinity provides comprehensive environmental monitoring and audit services.

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